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All rules apply to all customers!

A Safe Dog is a Happy Dog!

1. Dogs shall have on a collar & ID at all times; no spiked collars allowed.

2.  Dogs shall be under your visual contact & voice control always; stay within close range of your dog. Dogs have different play styles. Educate yourself on dog behavior. A behavior that concerns you may simply be a rambunctious play style.

3.  YOU are responsible for any injury or damaged caused by your dog. Prevent injuries by supervising your dog at all times. Never leave your dog unattended.
If your dog inflicts injury, give your name & phone number to the other dog owner before leaving & offer to pay vet or medical bills. You are at all times soley responsible for your dog's behavior and any damage your dog may cause.

4.  Do not bring a dog with a known history of biting or fighting to Rover's Ranch. If you intentionally bring a dog with known aggressive tendencies you are subject to immediate membership revocation and possible legal action.

Pick up poop- Scoop your dogs' poop and dispose of it in the containers provided. This applies to all Rover's Ranch property (roadway, parking lot, etc.) IF you notice another person has missed their dog's poop, politely remind them to pick it up.

6.  Each adult must have all dogs present under control; all dogs must be registered with Rover's Ranch with proof of vaccinations on file.

7.  Puppies 3-6 months old are allowed if enrolled in a Puppy class with proof of age-appropriate shots.

8.  Female dogs in heat are not allowed on the premises.

9.  Intact male dogs may be required to be on-leash or asked to be in an area by themselves.

No inhumane treatment of dogs is allowed: no kicking, punching, hitting or poking with an object; no slapping to the nose, face or head of a dog; dogs and children shall not be left unattended for any length of time, and shall never be left in vehicles (even if attended by an adult).

No food (animal food or people food), treats, or bones are allowed with the exception of small (no bigger than a nickel) training treats carried by the owner.

12.   No alcohol allowed on property.

No littering: wrappers & other litter can be eaten by dogs & cause a choking or digestion hazard which can be life-threatening!

NO SMOKING on the property. Discarded tobacco products can be eaten by dogs and are harmful to them; discard tobacco products into containers provided.

15.  No motorized vehicles, no bicycles, tricycles, big-wheels, wagons, roller-blades, etcetera area allowed, except wheelchairs used by people with physical challenges.

No heckling or harrassing of other customers; Rover's Ranch promotes a responsible, safe, fun, friendly environment for dogs & their people regardless of dogs' pedigree or lack thereof, and regardless of peoples' age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, affectional orientation or gender identity, physical or mental ability, religious or political affiliation. All members shall treat one another with common respect and civility at all times.
Wear shoes at all times on park property.

18.  No one allowed on the premises before sunrise or after 9 PM; Rover's Ranch is locked overnight.

Rover's Ranch is located between Pleasant Hill & Runnells IA 50237 | Phone: 515-967-6768
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